Getting The Most Out Of Your Backyard

When the cold winter temperatures finally start to wane and the flowers begin to bloom, you know that spring is on its way to Houston. There are infinite ways to enjoy the return of the warm weather and sunshine, but one of the best ways to celebrate spring and summer is to simply sit in your backyard either on your own or surrounded by friends and family and enjoy a glass of wine or a home-cooked meal.

Whether you already love your backyard and want to find ways to get the most out of it or are looking to spend some time and money updating your backyard this spring, these ___ ideas will help you create a backyard that you, your family, and your friends will want to be in all summer long.

Ideas for your Houston backyard.

1. Install Backyard Lighting

Summertime in Houston can get pretty scorching hot, so you might find yourself only wanting to spend time outdoors once the sun has gone down. Investing in quality outdoor lighting can turn your backyard into a beautiful, functional night-time hang out spot. Landscape lighting designers will know how to properly light all stairs and pathways to increase safety, highlight your garden and all the plant life on your property, or even add lighting to your pool to ensure safe, fun nighttime swimming. Residential outdoor lighting in Houston is a must, and you won’t believe how dramatically it will transform the look and feel of your entire outdoor space.

houston outdoor lighting

2. Invest in Outdoor Furniture

It’s going to be pretty hard to enjoy your backyard this spring and summer without some comfy furniture to lounge on. If you want something with cushions, make sure you’re choosing fabrics that are specifically designed for outdoor use so that they’re mildew resistant, fast-drying, and fade-resistant. If you see yourself eating meals outside this spring and summer, consider a wrought-iron table and chairs for durability and a classic look. If you want to be able to relax in the sunshine but don’t want to deal with finding cushions, find a hammock that’s comfy and cute, and get busy lounging!

3. Add a Fire Pit

I know that you might think a fire is the last thing you want on a hot summer night, but a fire pit can be the perfect thing to take your backyard to the next level. Plus, a fire is one of the best ways to keep the bugs and mosquitoes at bay, so you can enjoy a nice meal without being eaten alive. Once winter rolls around again, your fire pit will give you a chance to enjoy your yard with friends and family even in the cold temperatures.

4. Introduce Plants

You don’t have to be a master gardener to introduce some plant life into your backyard. There are a ton of easy, low-maintenance plants that you can grow either in a garden bed or in planters around your yard. You could try your hand at growing some herbs, peppers, and tomatoes to use in the kitchen, or stick to low-maintenance classics like Hosta and coneflowers. You’ll be amazed at how lush just a few potted plants can make your backyard appear.