Getting Ready For Gameday

Saturday’s For the Boys

But you can’t just call the boys up and have them over for game day without getting ready for them. No one likes going over to a house to spend their day if the right preparations haven’t been made. Be a great host for any game day experience, whether that’s college football on Saturday or the NFL on Sunday. Here are 4 tips that will improve your game day experience and impress any and all of the guests you have over, whether it’s the boys or your neighbors.

  1. Game Day Food

Gameday guacamole

Whether cooking is in your wheelhouse or not, you need to plan accordingly to have enough snacks to last your guest all day. You should consider both the number of guests and their appetites but also make considerations for any food allergies. There are of course the game day staples like chicken wings, nachos, pizza, chips & salsa, potato chips, and, the tried and true, buffalo chicken dip. You can also get more adventurous with your food selection with items such as hot crab dip, cauliflower hummus, Tex-Mex shrimp cocktails, Korean BBQ sliders, or even mini veggie pockets. No matter what, cater to your audience and make sure you have enough.

  1. Adult Beverages

Whether it’s cracking open a cold one or making the perfect cocktails, no gameday is complete without a drink in your hand. Again, it’s important to keep your audience in mind when preparing the beverages. Do you need to stock up on rum and bourbon or will you need to get a couple cases of beer. Even further, what kind of quality are you going for? Coor’s Light is great, but may not be for the craft beer crowd. Maker’s Mark is a great option, but you don’t want to break the bank on a crowd trying to do bourbon and cokes. Choose your drink options wisely knowing who might be coming over and what is within the budget. And of course, you can always make gameday a BYOB occasion. No one will second guess you if you do ultimately ask everyone to bring their own beverages.

  1. TV & Audio

Before the crowd comes over, make sure that you can show the games as promised. Check to make sure that you get all the channels necessary to show the games that your friends or neighbors want to see. This is especially important if you do not have a cable package; you’ll need to identify your streaming options for the games you want to show. Also, you’ll want to double check your audio to make sure that it is set up properly. Now, most of you will be using the audio from the TV; however, if you plan on setting up the surround sound system, be sure that everything is working before the group comes over.

  1. Clean Home

clean kitchen

Last but certainly not least, be sure to clean up your home before the crew comes over. I know this seems unnecessary or the last thing you want to do in preparation, but you’ll be glad when you do, especially when you wake up the next day. You’ll want to clean the bathrooms, cleans your carpets and upholstery, clean and prep the bar area, and clean any areas where you’ll be serving food. If you haven’t cleaned your carpets or upholstery in a while, you may want to check out a company like this one to do it for you. Hard surfaces like those in a kitchen or bathroom are a lot easier to clean yourself, but carpets and upholstery can be very tricky to clean.

If you follow these 4 tips, I can guarantee that you’ll have a great game day experience in your home, and your friends will certainly want to come back. Be careful though or your home might become the new go to spot each and every week this football season.