How Cold Weather Affects Your Breaks

Cold Weather Affects On Your Breaks

Getting your brakes regularly checked by a professional is one of the most important parts of proper vehicle maintenance. Having brake problems that you either ignore or aren’t aware of can be a serious safety hazard both for yourself and for other drivers, pedestrians, and cyclists. It’s especially important that you get your brakes checked before the freezing temperatures of winter set in.

You might be wondering; how does cold weather affect my brakes? The short answer is that it doesn’t – at least not directly. However, cold weather can indirectly contribute to the deterioration of your brake pads and rotors. What really causes damage to your brakes is heat, friction, and debris.

So how does cold weather play into it?

When temperatures drop below freezing, roads can become slick and slippery even without significant precipitation. This causes vehicles to slide, and as a result, people will pump their brakes harder and more often. This then causes extra heat and friction that negatively affects your brake pads and rotors. Sliding vehicles require brakes to work much harder, and just a couple weeks of driving in the winter can significantly shorten the lifespan of your brakes – even more so for aggressive drivers.

cold weather affects on your breaks

In addition, air, water, and dirt will naturally collect in your brakes all year round, but in the winter, those elements will freeze and cause your brakes to start squeaking and grinding. If you wait too long to get your brakes checked and serviced, you might find yourself shelling out for more expensive repairs down the road.

Road salt is a winter-specific contaminant that could cause some damage to your brakes and your vehicle in general. Road salt is used to lower the freezing point of water and melt ice and snow off of roads in the winter to make it safer for drivers. However, when you drive over road salt, it gets kicked up into the undercarriage of your vehicle and can promote rusting and deterioration.

Getting your brakes checked, serviced, and, if necessary, repaired before winter hits can save you a ton of money in the long run and keep you safer this winter. If you’re looking for a professional that can change brake pads, you can simply search for “brake service near me” and look at reviews for all the brake repair specialist near you and choose a reputable service.

Aarrow Transmission offers expert brake repair services in Midlothian, VA, and will check your brakes before winter sets in to make sure everything is working properly. It’s simply not worth the risk of putting it off. Preventing an accident is well worth the time, money, and effort of taking your car into a professional.